Content Writing Services

Website Copywriting:

Sometimes the most effective marketing tool you can employ is persuasive on-site content. With more than 10 years of SEO and SEM experience, the professional writing staff at MavensTCL is able to create website content that demonstrates a sure grasp of tone, style, and grammar, and an awareness of how to convert your site visitors into convinced buyers. Our writers bring together the best attributes of SEO, SEM, and professional copywriting to create page content and product descriptions that stand out from conventional Web writing and communicate your company’s message in a clear and effective manner.

Article Writing & Submission:

Article writing and submission is the cornerstone of MavensTCL professional content writing services. Optimized articles featuring original content provide a wealth of Internet marketing benefits, including higher search engine rankings, increased site traffic, cost-effective brand building, and natural link development. Articles may be posted on-site to provide your customers with useful information and supply search engines with keyword-rich content, or you may choose to have articles submitted to top directories and bookmarking sites in order to generate interest in your company and its products and services. Whether you’re seeking to promote a single product or establish your company as a subject matter expert, MavensTCL article writing and submission service can help you to reach your goal.

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Internet press releases have become a powerful tool for gaining increased visibility and credibility and making an immediate connection with one’s target audience. Unlike traditional press releases, online press releases have value beyond their immediate impact. Not only can an Internet press release gain exposure for your company via news search engines, blogs, and other sites, but it can also enhance your company’s SEO efforts by creating hundreds of links to your website. MavensTCL press release writing and distribution service can complement your company’s current marketing efforts by increasing the optimization effectiveness of your press releases, or if you prefer, MavensTCL professional writers will create a new press release on the topic of your choice. With MavensTCL, you can also take advantage of multimedia elements such as audio, video, and photos, as well as analytics that reveal where your online press release has been read.

Blog & Forum Posting:

Blog Posting Details:

Timely, energetic, and memorable content is what brings attention to a blog and turns one-time visitors into loyal readers. MavensTCL writing staff excels at producing thoughtful and unique blog posts that will inform and entertain readers and attract potential customers to your company’s blog and/or website. Whether you need 10, 20, 50, or even more blog posts every month, MavensTCL can create content that is well written and specifically tailored to the needs of your company and its clientele. For companies that do not already have a blog, MavensTCL can also provide blog design and promotion services, including custom blog design and WordPress installation.

Forum Posting Details:

If you are starting a forum from scratch, it may be tough to generate interest unless you have a few active members posting interesting subjects. If you already have a forum, you may still face the same problem or may need some active writers for your forum. MavensTCL professional writing staff can join your forum under several different account names and post messages periodically to get your forum going. MavensTCL also offers forum maintenance such as spam removal.

Twitter,Facebook, Google Page & Linked In Marketing

Social Media has become one of the fastest growing social media sites. MavensTCL offers Twitter account creation and posting. MavensTCL will create a accounts for you in popular social networking sites and post on it on a regular basis. The frequency of posts will vary from 40 to 150 posts a month, depending on which option you pick. Normally the post subjects will be positive news stories in your industry and links to the news story. MavensTCL will never post any news stories about your competitors. MavensTCL will also post links to your blog entries and press releases in your Twitter account and forward any customer support questions to your staff. In addition, MavensTCL will work to build up your followers list. 

Why is Social Media Marketing important?

  • Brings new visitors to your site.
  • Advertises your brand to a new audience.
  • Depending on the username of your  account, your social network page will naturally rank high in search engines for your company name or personal name. This gives you additional visibility and can push down sites that you don’t want   showing up when someone performs a search query for your company name.

Why should MavensTCL manage your social networking account?

A social networking account can be set up by anyone, but it requires a good amount of free time to learn and to use, and most people don’t have the time or patience. The tools available that help manage social networking accounts by automating posts from news feeds and generating more followers (friends) also require time to learn, and some may be technically challenging. However, when you hire MavensTCL to create and manage your Twitter account, you can avoid the hassle of learning and using social networking sites while still reaping the benefits.

Wikipedia Page Creation

Want to create a Wikipedia page about yourself or your business? Get in touch with us to find out if you're a candidate for our Wikipedia Page Creation services. Wikipedia is an open-source site that allows anyone to add or modify content. Nevertheless, new entries must follow established rules and pass through Wikipedia editors monitoring content accuracy and guarding against spam. Those same editors also check that new pages are eligible for publication on the site. For a new Wikipedia page to go up, its subject must have 5-7 major press mentions. That means not everyone is immediately a good candidate for our Wikipedia Page Creation services. If you think your press coverage qualifies you for a Wikipedia page, contact us to get listed. We work with experienced Wikipedia editors who are knowledgeable about what it takes to create quality Wikipedia pages that stick. MavensTCL also provides professional writers to compose your new page's content with skill and polish.Even if you don't have enough press coverage yet, we may still be able to set up a Wikipedia page for you. To generate press coverage, we put you in contact with multiple press agencies and guarantee a minimum of 5-7 major media mentions. Once this first hurdle is cleared we can begin work on your Wikipedia page. Keep in mind that not even having the necessary press coverage makes everyone a good candidate for these services. We encourage you to talk to us directly about how these services can benefit you. Wikipedia Page Creation services also assist with reputation management. As it is often the first thing to appear on search engine results, a Wikipedia page will instantly give you and/or your company more credibility. Get started today. 

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