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MavensTCL staffing solutions – permanent hire, temporary staffing, direct placements and contract staffing, are designed and implemented through rigorous workout and years of expertise. We span large areas of industries and across the globe in search of the fit you are looking. Our staffing experts are trained to screen, listen and effectively isolate the prospective individual for your team.

Our staffing solutions are comprehensive in its approach. Although the hiring process does involve a lot of time and effort, it’s worth giving a try when you gain much more. Our deep insights about staffing focus on the following characteristics:

  • Prospective candidate and appearance: It takes much more to perceive than meets the eye. Besides the usual academic check and screening, it is important for the candidate to meet up to the standards of the organization he/she is going to join
  • Candidate fit and organization chemistry: A more specific approach is to be flexible while hiring. You cannot have the balanced team unless there is some sort of sustainability factor

Lastly, it is important to view their impact on the existing workforce. Are they going to be a good match or are they not?

Our experts are constantly evolving their mechanisms so as to make the hiring process more efficient and less prone to errors.

While we do appreciate the criticality of the staffing process, we make sure not to miss the overall development of the business. After all, an organization is betting it’s all on the hiring process. We make sure your business operations run long-term after the procedure.

Our technical and staffing experts use transparent models and assessment questionnaires to build the on-the-spot connection with the candidate. Not only does this help in seeking the desired outcome but also, in many folds, bring out the tag between the hire and the project.

We also make sure to appropriately expose the candidate with the business and organizational efficiencies, his prospective roles and responsibilities.

Our model of staffing is unique in its own way as it brings together the hidden potential and throws light on the luminescent nature of the staffing procedure so as to make it more outshone and transparent.Our industry-driven staffing research is based on the deep knowledge and insights about this particular field. Our experts, with their decades of experience, propel the staffing procedure in a more sophisticated yet resilient manner.

Our Features

  • Improvement of the company payroll by balancing the employee: revenue ratio
  • Promoting attraction so as to minimize the time loss for organizations when an employee leaves the job
  • Increases ROI and cost returns
  • Effective and custom-enabled staffing solutions for non-core organizations and organizations forming the superficial fields as the basis of their business

We offer our clients a sustainable solution for all their staffing needs. Our staffing solutions are expansive and cover approximately majority of the US regions. However, these solutions are not restricted to US. We also extend our services on a global scale.At MavensTCL, we strongly believe that there should be customized staffing solutions for both in-house as well as off-shore recruitments. Some of our insights have been summarized below.

  • Attractive customer perks for job seeker and employer
  • Expedient screening services for off-shore candidates
  • Unique recruiting capabilities to enhance the workforce quality and quantity
  • Lower cost due to Smart Staffing than traditional recruitment strategies
  • Effective time management

Our adaptive staffing strategy tends to incorporate more radical and diversified methodology that supports the enterprise and the associated requirement. We tend to match our sufficiently capable solutions with your organization for a specialized and customized research staffing. Not only this, our expert panel of representatives obtains sample for addressing prospective candidates as ‘fit’ for participation in the screening prior to the recruitment.We focus on our on-line strategy to gauge the candidate capability on analytical and reasoning skills. This strategy has helped many organizations from different precincts such as law firms, business establishments, retail, industrial and healthcare.

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Mavens TCL is Best & Top Research & Insights Solutions and Services Company providing services in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, HongKong, Spain, Italy and Worldwide