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With the continued expansion of our services in the precinct of Professional Employment, more and more clients are relying on our services to address human resource and management issues. Our diverse employment from different geographies and niche is testimonial to our quality and reliable staffing solution.In terms of HR management, we provide the following service:

Human Resource Regulation

In this current contentious scenario, it is imperative to have operative and properly guided HR consultants for smooth functioning of the organization. This helps organization to deploy smooth and hassle-free strategies for operation and management.We provide professional counseling and guidance session from a team of our expert HR consultants for any legal, professional or lawsuit issues.Besides this we also provide training facility to address the issues and the corporate requisites. Some of our key tenets of Human Resource Management and Regulations are:

Recruitment and Standards

Set a transparent and versatile set of scheme for wages, leave policies, regulations, overtime and issues. These set of rules are customized to suit your contemporary business operation and requirement.

Rights and Equity

Our recruitment solutions incorporate one of the most optimum and hassle-free strategies to set regulations for a hassle-free workplace. We ensure out schedules and documentation helps you in achieving the level of discrimination-free and versatile place to work.

Employee Rights

We deploy planning and solutions to keep you aware about your rights and that of the employee upon the latter are termination of switching. This keeps a close and friendly nature of the bond also provides smooth functioning for the organization.

Health and Insurance

What are your obligations toward your employees? Health insurance plans, insurance policies and regulations.

Risk Management/Safety Claim Reduction

In order to minimize the compensation claims from the workers, it is essential to manage the claims being put to address and also to incorporate a safety claim program.Our Safety claim management experts will assess the situation to minimize the risk. These assessment strategies include;


  • Conducting the survey and auditing the on-site procedures
  • Counseling and guidance
  • Availability to respond to the queries as they appear
  • Provide a well-directed safety guideline handout for proper risk management


Training & Development

For any smooth operation and productivity benefit, it is important to have well-coordinated and hassle free work environment. To meet the needs, we provide training and guidance on various ethical and social grounds to ensure a conflict free and professional working ambience. Our counseling include; leadership, conflict management, anger management, social values and recruitment laws.Our training and counseling include on-site seminars, public gatherings or a more personalized training for any specific corporation.

Below listed are some of our features of employee training and development:


  • Setting up realistic trends and schedules to benefit the employee-employer relationship
  • Cost effective approach to recruit within-in department to fill the more important positions
  • Well-designed career development strategies for employees for sound motivation and efficiency
  • Deploying comprehensive and versatile strategy for Human Resources


Customizable Training

To continue the lead in the succinct sector, the core team plays a very pivotal role in determining the corporate credential.Our customizable training equips your core team to play a distinctive role in the company’s long run. Following are the contents for our training program that includes:


  • Managing conflict on the floor
  • Dealing with the employee behavior and mislead
  • Implementing better monitoring and supervision
  • Inculcating better leadership values and social awareness
  • Team management and addition
  • Dealing with harassment and female protection issue
  • Managing compensation claims
  • Conducting employee safety recommendation
  • Conducting safety gatherings


MavensTCL Advantage

Our HR solutions are typically hosted in terms of the process executed so as to form a critical link between the workforce and the optimization strategy. We tend to deploy our services in ways that are better suited to justify the customer requirement.

Some of the methods by which we deploy our HR solutions:

  • Platform-based hosting to support SaaS model
  • Customized precinct for better client transactional suitability
  • Services based on the concerns and the infrastructure of the client as a whole

These solutions methodology has helped us gain deeper insights about the prospects of the organization. Our unified platform processing is essentially integrated with our mainstream services which include technical processing, technology-oriented localizations and HR-based workforce management.Our solutions provide value-added prospects so as to enhance the business value and operations in a more radical way. Some of the main features by which we go about in increasing the overall efficiency of the business operations are as listed:

  • Apparent improvements with workforce management which accounts for the work satisfaction, employee benefits and lesser HR challenges
  • Integration of the in-house processing with the combined pre-processing IT-enabled procedures assists in increasing the productivity to well over 20-30%, depending upon the consumption
  • Better and improved cost reduction strategies with the optimized technology-enabled solutions
  • Significant increase in the productivity and efficacy with separate and dedicated HR processing systems

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Mavens TCL is Best & Top HR Services and Solutions Company providing services in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, HongKong, Spain, Italy and Worldwide